INFORMATION (as of 2010)


Address: 1520-1 Sanga Imizu-shi, Toyama-ken 939-0341 Japan
Phone : 0766-55-0043
Fax : 0766-55-4190

Toyama is about 3 hours west of Tokyo by train. Imizu-shi is located in the center of Toyama. Imizu-shi is blessed with marine and farm products,and has a port of trade with an industrial area.
About 440 students in total are enrolled at the school, and about 70% of them are girls. Almost all of the students attempt to go on to universities, colleges ,or vocational schools.

◆Club activity

Athletic club activities…Baseball, Track and field, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Judo, Kendo, Table tennis, Soft tennis
Culture club activities…Brass band, Drama, Art, Newspaper, Broadcast, Flower arrangement, Tea ceremony, Green tea of medium quality club, illustration, Home economics, English studying society, Paperwork and Handicrafts

◆Educational Aims

・Independence  ・Creativity  ・Positiveness
Our goals are as follows:
(1) For students to develop a healthy mind and to foster an indepedent spirit capable of practical reasoning
(2) To advance thinking and judgment and apply these things with creativity
(3)To love and respect the qualities of truth,justice and responsibility and with these sentiments develop a positive character

◆A different kind of learning environment

In 1995, Kosugi Senior High School became the first school in Toyama prefecture to offer an elective course. From various subjects, students can create their own schedules. In most schools in Japan, the average class size is 40 students, but at Kosugi Senior High School, the average class size ranges from 20 to 30 students, with some classes having even fewer. These small classes provide for effective learning. Depending on the students’ future plans, she or he can choose from three courses: reserch,skill and consumer & family sciences. Furthermore, as a school which strives to emphasize each student’s individual strengths, we put students into a variety of diverse learning situations. For example, through a partnership with nearby universities, students may take college-level courses or attend other activities outside of the Kosugi Senior High School campus, including volunteering and vocational training. Also, many clubs, including the prefectural and national championship judo team, flourish at Kosugi Senior High School.